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Click to enlargeSpringhouse- From Now To OKDeluxe Bruce Licher design, limited edition numbered 500 copies letterpress discfolio cd art package. The long awaited third album, due out on Oct. 7, 2008. Price includes postage.

For their first album in 15 years Springhouse (Mitch Friedland guitar/vocals, Larry Heinemann bass/producer, Jack Rabid drums, lead vocals on one song) have eschewed convention and not distilled their prior two LPs into a new package and offered it up as a revelation. Quite the opposite, actually, as the band has boldly taken a new direction in the form of From Now To OK, their new acoustic-minded, orchestral pop masterpiece out on Independent Projects Records. While the sounds of the dream-pop masterpieces Land Falls and Postcards From the Artic on Caroline Records have evolved in favor of a more organic, crisp sound, their exuberant playing, highly evolved arrangements and obvious love of a tune to die for remains their calling card. The sound may be different but no less satisfying, as it’s clear the band still writes songs that are infused with warmth, longing, bittersweet regret, and the excitement of new beginnings. Welcome back Springhouse...

Click to enlargeSpringhouse-Postcards From The Arctic CD album (1993)1993 Second LP on Caroline Records. Delusions of Adequacy "Unappreciated Album of the Month" 8/1/02: "The music of Springhouse has often been compared to British contemporaries such as The Chameleons and Kitchens of Distinction, with hints of The Smiths and Catherine Wheel thrown in. Focused around a lush layering of guitars run through a variety of effects, the sound of Springhouse clearly had a shoegazer feel. But unlike the more swirling, cascading sounds of a band like My Bloody Valentine, Springhouse instead used those layered, textured guitar songs as the framework of pop songs, putting an emphasis as well on rhythm and vocals and not getting lost in what their guitars could do. It's those vocals, provided by all three members of the band at times but predominantly Friedland, coupled with the band's layered yet pristine guitarwork, that give the band such a unique and powerful feel. From the opening shimmering waves of guitars on "Asphalt Angels" that seem to part to make way from Friedland's laid back and slightly ethereal vocals, you get the sense that this band is taking the British shoegazer sound in their own unique direction."

NOTE: In the mid-1990s this CD went out of print, and our current "stock" has been procured from used bins and the internet, mindful of quality of the disc and packaging. While supplies last!

Click to enlargeSpringhouse-Eskimo EP (1991)1991 five-song EP on Caroline Records; two songs from Land Falls (including a darker mix of "Eskimo") and three non-LP songs, including a cover of The Saints' "Angels" sung by Jack as well as "That Was Before" and "Get it Going." Very rare!

NOTE: In the mid-1990s, this CD went out of print and our current "stock" has been procured from used bins and the internet, mindful of quality of the disc and packaging. While supplies last!

Click to enlargeSpringhouse-Land Falls CD album (1991)1991 First LP on Caroline Records: NEW YORK TIMES: “The melodies are pretty and wistful, the sentiments are dizzying and sad; Springhouse captures and holds onto a fleeting sense of melancholy.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “I kept looking around for the second guitar, until I realized it was simply the deft interplay between Friedland and Heinemann that was creating those phantom tones. In an underground music music scene increasingly dominated by noise and nihilism, Springhouse is that rare beacon of mystery and beauty.” CRAMPED – Pick of the Month: “OK I don’t say this often and maybe I’ve only said it three or four times in my life but Springhouse’s Land Falls does not have one bad song on it” ROLLING STONE (MICHAEL AZERRAD): "Dominated by Friedland's heavily processed acoustic guitar, the group's lushly melodic debut, Land Falls, does have a curiously refreshing quality."

NOTE: In the mid-1990s, this CD went out of print and our current "stock" has been procured from used bins and the internet, mindful of quality of the disc and packaging. While supplies last!

Click to enlargeDoug Gillard-Salamander CD album(Noted Guided by Voices guitarist steps out on surprising first solo LP, and the first release on new Big Takeover magazine affiliated label, Pink Frost records!)

Click to enlargeLast Burning Embers-Lessons in Redemption CD albumBased in New York, LBE are an intelligent, erudite, hard-hitting post-punk band led by songwriter/vocalist/guitarist and inner-city teacher Dave Burokas along with Tom Burke bass (ex-Slambook), and our own Big Takeover editor Jack Rabid drums and vocals.

Click to enlargeLast Burning Embers: Distress Call CD albumCD "Distress Call", "Comfort In Misery" and "Cafe Radical". Last Burning Embers formed in 1997 in New York City and have been unsteadily building steam since. The members of the band are: David Burokas, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist; Tom Burke, bass guitar; Jack Rabid, drums and some vocals. Collectively they're a band in the tradition of swirling British, Australian, and American post-punk of the past twenty years with a certain modern vitality. LBE believe that the greatest of oxymorons, rock with brains, beauty, and brawn, is a viable alternative to the current status quo. Reference points are wide and varied, but the goal is to produce earnest, heartfelt music with an unmistakable edge.

Last Burning Embers: T-shirt50/50-blend shirts are granite gray in color with "Last Burning Embers" written on the front and the "LBE" flaming logo on the left sleeve, both in burnt orange.

Click to enlargeEven Worse-You've Ruined Everything CD albumStudio recording from 1982, plus bonus live concert from Max's Kansas City, recorded 1981. Featuring drummer and Big Takeover editor Jack Rabid, originally formed in 1980. This is the only available recording of this now legendary (in their own minds) punk rock original. Jack Rabid has often stated that his greatest musical regret was that the old, original-era-punk rock band Even Worse he was a member of split up in March of 1982, before it could release the LP it had just recorded then. Now, he and his former bandmates R.B. KORBET (vocals), BOBBY WEEKS (guitar) and ERIC KEIL (bass) are proud to announce the release of that very 13-song LP, nearly-exactly two decades later—now fleshed out to a full-scale retrospective with the inclusion of Jack’s long and detailed liner notes, R.B.’s painstaking layout of the 16-page booklet (including dozens of flyers, photos, and artifacts contributed by all four from the dusty boxes in their attics/storage/beds!), and the bonus inclusion of a complete concert right from the board at New York’s legendary Max’s Kansas City club, August 27, 1981.

Click to enlargeNon-Linear Thinkers - Schoolin' The Rock School CD albumNever mind Jack Black and the so-called School of Rock now playing NYC clubs! The Non-Linear Thinkers are a group of inner-city teens from a Newark, NJ, high school, who have taken a crash course in punk and post-punk taught by their Latin teacher. They’re former novices who now are a volatile rock band ready to give the worlds of mall-punk and faux-bohemianism a swift kick. On this debut CD, they formidably cover tunes from the Ruts, XTC, Radio Birdman, the Effigies, Mission of Burma, the Comsat Angels, the Rich Kids, Magazine, Stiff Little Fingers, The Newtown Neurotics, the Undertones, and more, played with youthful passion by kids who rarely get to hear this kind of music. All proceeds go to support the school.

Click to enlargeEDP- Next Stop Bleaker Street CD albumLed by Brooklyn Police Seargeant Carl Carrara EDP is a driving, raw rock-punk-garage-mod outfit hailing from New York City. In this climate of superficial, overhyped music from the Big Apple, EDP stands as an authentic burst of rock 'n roll energy that takes the best influences from the last four decades and combines them with a 21st-century vitality: the catchy pop sensibilities and songwriting of the British Invasion, the volatility, wit, and DIY ethos of 1970's punk, the frenetic and tireless rhythmic punch of both 60's psych and 80's post-punk, and a soulful, tongue-in-cheek lyrical bend inspired by living real lives in the reality of a New York City lacking the pampered lifestyle of the average indie-rock hipster. One can glimpse these influences through volatile covers of the Rezillos, the Ruts, the Young Canadians, and the Jam, to name but a few, that frequently surface at EDP gigs. The band is poised to convert the punters to its punchy brand of rock 'n roll with the new CD entitled NEXT STOP: BLEAKER STREET, replete with the hook-laden wordplay and power. Includes Last Burning Embers leader Dave Burokas on bass.